Rules & regulations

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Rules and Regulations for the program “Study with Scholarship”

In order for the participation of the applicant to be considered valid for the program “Study with Scholarship”, the applicant must fill out the online application form, available at

When completing the application, candidates score points based on social, economic and academic criteria. All applicants must attach the necessary documents to certify the above criteria. After submitting their online application, they will be sent a copy of their application in their email.

Some of the Educational Institutions that participate to the program “Study with Scholarship” require all the applicant to fill out not only the application form of the program “Study with Scholarship” but also their academic application form.

At the next stage of the procedure, the Organization certifies that the score of each applicant which results from social, economic and academic criteria is valid and sends a list to the Educational Institution. The Educational Institution evaluates the candidates based on their internal academic criteria and then decides on which candidate to offer the Scholarship. The Educational Institution announces to the Organization the name of the candidate who has won the Scholarship.

The candidates who have won the Program’s Scholarships are informed by the Organization. All the applicants of the Program “Study with Scholarship” are notified via email when the Program is completed.

Candidates can apply for the Program “Study with Scholarship” for April 2020 to October 2020. Each Educational Institution sets specific dates for applying for its undergraduate / postgraduate programs between the above periods.

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